Autumn Bake Off


Aubergines in August 001Aubergines in August 006

What better way to spend a rainy Bank Holiday Saturday!

All those cuttings from Sunday papers with delicious looking recipes came to fruition today.

More exciting though was the recipe for Marinated Aubergine that I wrote on my whiteboard in the kitchen on instruction from my Indian friend, Kanthi. She shared her secrets of delicious cooking in exchange for a promise to email her with my results and verdict.

I think a blog post is going one better. Hopefully she will keep the recipes coming.

The Flapjacks are according to the famous and amazing Dominic Munnelly, personal trainer to the stars.

Lastly, the Honeyed Chicken recipe is from the latest edition of Hello Magazine.Once you’ve digested the juicy gossip, there is a reason to keep the mag for a day or so – or tear out the page and throw out the rest.

Flapjack Fest (2)Aubergines in August 004

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