‘What size those shoes ‘,

Louis Theroux looks back to the prisoner behind bars.


‘cos those ma shoes. You in here, you git beat up you don give me your shoes’

‘What did you do to the inmate who is now in hospital?’

‘ah stabbed him. seven maybe eight times’


‘Cos he a snitch and snitches get stitches’

‘Are you not concerned about how he is?’

‘Ah don care he alive or dead. Its Gabos man, thats the way it go in here -gabos-Game Ain’t Based On Sympathy’

‘so if I was in there and I refused to hand over my shoes?’

‘Yea, man, you get beat up’

The acronym rang bells in my head. Five letters to do with negotiating -BATNA! Best Alternative To A Negotiated Solution. What a complete contrast to GABOS.

The first based on the survival of the fittest. I thought what a different world it was in prison. But is BATNA just the same thing dressed up in prettier language? This guy behind bars understood so accurately how the system worked that he framed it in one word.Was there any difference? The best alternative to handing over your shoes was to get beat up.

The world’s best entrepreneurs are behind bars.

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